Let Our Consulting Engineers Experience with Wastewater Controls, Pumps, and Systems Be At Your Disposal

Put our consulting engineers, as well as pump, control and liquid storage experience to work for you.
Consulting engineers
As an engineer you are dealing with countless variables for each new water or wastewater system you design. At Dakota Pump and Control, we’ve represented manufacturers in water and wastewater equipment since 1965. In that time we’ve seen it all, from municipal water treatment and distribution systems to industrial wastewater treatment processes.

Let us help you choose the right combination of equipment for your project. We stay abreast of new products and emerging technologies to help keep you on the cutting edge. We can provide you with detailed technical specifications, pros and cons of similar products, and even provide design assistance.

No matter what your needs, Dakota Pump and Control exists to be a resource for you. Sometimes the answer lies with us, sometimes with one of the manufacturers we represent. Regardless, we don’t rest until a solution is found.

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