Control Valves – Manage pressure and flow rates with better controls.

Control valves serve as very important parts of large water systems as they are used to manage conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level. When choosing the right product, it is important to use quality products that last and serves its purpose. Dakota Pump and Controls offers high-quality products and brands to suit potable water, fire protection and aviation refueling applications.

Choosing the Right Product

The right product can help you improve the efficiency of both supply and distribution. Let us help you choose the valve or series of valves that is right for your system. At Dakota Pump and Controls we believe in quality; that is why we only choose the best control valves manufacturers. Without quality products and services, Dakota Pump and Controls wouldn’t be the #1 in the region for consulting, sales and services.

OCV Control Valves series 120 rate of flow valveOCV Control Valves series 8000 float control valveOCV Control ValvesOCV Control Valves series 22 digital electronic control valveOCV Control Valves series 125 pump control valveOCV Control Valves series 3330 altitude control valveXwpOv-FSCsU-Tepsd-115-3%20photo%20from%20water%20model%20sheet[1]


OCV Control Valves:

Wastewater Control Valves With over 50 years experience in the design, manufacturing and application of control valves OCV offers the industry leading control valves. This is evident by the fact that OCV products are ISO 9001 certified; they meet and exceed industry standards from around the world.

OCV Control Valves are the best-designed valves available, no matter what your requirements. Designs include pressure relief, pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, pump control, check differential, surge anticipation, rate of flow, altitude as well as electronic and float control diaphragm actuated control valves. No one builds a better control valve than OCV. They are designed to be easy-to-use and maintain than any other. Click here to learn more about OCV Control Valves.

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