Don’t become a headline.
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As a municipal provider of water and wastewater services your primary responsibility is to your customers. The last thing you or your customers want to read in the headlines is news of an unexpected interruption in service. No matter the size of your municipality or the complexity of your system, Dakota Pump and Control has the experience to provide reliable solutions.

Whether you are updating an aging infrastructure or expanding to meet the needs of a growing population, as water and wastewater experts, we can deliver the equipment – and the service – that’s right for you. Dakota Pump and Control values not only high quality equipment and products for municipal needs, but also high quality service. For over 50 years we have worked with various customers, providing affordable and quality services everyone can trust. At Dakota Pump and Control, we are proud to have worked with such incredible customers and also impressive suppliers. Together, we have led the industry for dependable water and wastewater solutions. We provide 24-hour phone support and onsite service when you need it. Contact Dakota Pump and Control Today and let us help you provide top-of-the-line water and wastewater services to your community.