Pump Station Inspection

Minimize downtime with regular lift and booster station inspection services.

Dakota Pump and Control provides complete lift station and booster station inspection and repair services. We offer regularly scheduled preventative maintenance plans as well as on-demand service to ensure your lift or booster station is operating at maximum performance. With Pump Station Inspection, we will inspect the pumps, alarms and floats, check for unusual noises, vibrations and leakage, and repair or replace any components that are not functioning properly. We also routinely provide our customers with a list of recommended spare parts to have on hand. This helps minimize downtime due to normal wear and tear of your system.

Contact Dakota Pump and Control today to schedule for an Pump Station Inspection. We will offer you an initial inspection of your lift or booster station and eliminate unnecessary downtime and expenses.At Dakota Pump and Control, we value customer service! We will make sure our team members work with you and provide the experience you desire. With 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, you can’t go wrong. The inspections provided will help your station operate more efficiently, helping your business. Saving time and money has never been easier! Contact Dakota Pump and Control or explore our website for more information.