24/7 Dakota Pump and Control Service Team for Bakken, Three Forks, Western Minnesota, North and South Dakota

Our team of experienced technicians is here to serve all your needs – from routine maintenance of pump or control units to diagnosing and servicing system-wide issues. In our shop or in the field, whenever you call our service team is ready to help. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. So the next time you need fast, reliable field support.

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Wastewater Pump and Control Service When you Need It

When you need it most, the Dakota Pump and Control Service Team is here available. If your equipment starts to break down, our friendly 24/7 emergency service is available 365 days a year. Many know and trust Dakota Pump and Control for a wide range of services that cover all your equipment repair and upkeep needs. Click here to download our Services Brochure.

  • Pump repairs (most manufacturers)
  • Lift station/booster inspections and rehabilitation
  • Control diagnostics and repairs
  • Valve repairs and replacements
  • Pump controller repairs
  • Energy savings

Kenny McFarland
Service Technician
Cell: 605-881-7979

Cody Miles
Service Technician
Cell: 605-881-5757

Ray Olson
Service Technician/Electrical Specialist
Cell: 605-881-7577