Delivering turnkey solutions for liquid storage.

Dakota Pump and Control offers a variety of tanks for all your liquid storage needs. Contact Dakota Pump and Control to help you select the right style and size for water, wastewater, fire protection or process liquids. Whether you need an elevated product for municipal potable water storage or a storage tank for industrial process liquids, we can arrange turnkey design, fabrication and installation.

Water Storage Tank
Tank Connection manufactures powder coated bolted steel storage products using a LIQ fusion 7000 FBE coating that is stronger than glass as well as bolted stainless steel storage, shop welded stainless steel storage, field welded steel storage tanks as well as pedestal and elevated towers for potable water. We also offer the highest quality of aluminum geodesic domes available. Tank Connection geodesic domes are designed, manufactured and constructed to be corrosion resistant and maintenance free for extended service life.

Liquid Storage Tanks
USEMCO provides a variety of styles for liquid storage, including above ground, leachate, underground, fire guard and water tanks. USEMCO welded high-pressure tanks are manufactured to meet the AMSE pressure vessel code in a variety of sizes and configurations. Contact Dakota Pump and Control for more information! Our team members can answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you!