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Three Forks Formation Wastewater Pump and Control Solutions

For all your wastewater control and sewage needs in the Three Forks oil formation, look no further than Dakota Pump and Control. With a friendly and experienced staff serving the Bakken area, including Three Forks, Montana, we are ready to assist with your wastewater and sewage needs. With products ranging from control valves, pumps, tanks, variable frequency drives, to even hatches and cranes, we offer a wide selection of products and experienced service. Whether you require an inspection for maintenance, or have an emergency situation, we have the experience and credentials to take care of your wastewater control and sewage needs.

Dakota Pump and Control serves Three Forks

Dakota Pump and Control of North and South Dakota Service Trucks Image 1One of the many reasons Dakota Pump and Control is popular in Three Forks and other locations is their multiple services. Water and wastewater systems can face many challenges including equipment wearing down. Some of the services Three Forks Pump and Control guarantees include control diagnostics, lift station and booster inspections, energy savings, as well as pump, control, valve and pump controller repairs. Whether you are concerned with fixing or maintaining your equipment, we present a simple solution.

We understand that time is everything. Our team of professional service technicians are available on call around the clock. If your equipment stops working, we will send you our knowledgeable team to help get your operation up and running in no time. Available 24/7, we offer a wide range of services that cover all your equipment repair and upkeep needs.

  • Pump repairs (most manufacturers)
  • Lift station/booster inspections and rehabilitation
  • Control diagnostics and repairs
  • Valve repairs and replacements
  • Pump controller repairs
  • Energy savings

Your Go-To Wastewater Service Team for Three Forks Formation

With convenient offices and personnel in close proximity to the Three Forks Oil Formation, Dakota Pump and Control can quickly provide you with service and parts for any type of wastewater, sewage, or lift station breakdown. With availability around the clock, you will have someone to rely on, even if you have a break at 2 in the morning, we will get your problem solved quickly.

We are the premier leading pump and control company for the Three Forks region. Dakota Pump and Control recognizes that when it comes to lift and booster stations, maintaining and even improving up-time are vital to increasing performance as well as in avoiding extra costs. The company schedules on-site service as well as preventative plans that protect the future of your lift or booster station. Inspections monitor pumps, floats, alarms, strange noises, unexpected leaks, and other problems. Another potential issue could be the life expectancy of your pumps. Known as the “Three Forks Pump and Control” company, we provide warranty repairs and includes a shop in which pumps can be repaired. Regular checkups can ensure longer efficiency for your equipment.

Field support technicians with over 50 years in experience are an additional service provided by Dakota Pump and Control. The company recognizes that sometimes time or even the magnitude of a problem can prevent the customer from coming in to the shop, and is happy to provide on-site assistance. Hoist trucks can also help lift heavier equipment if required.

Three Forks Formation: Look No Further than Dakota Pump and Control

Dakota Pump and Control is a full-service provider of wastewater pumps and controls for the Dakotas and the midwest.

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